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  Grades of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup

Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup is sold in grades established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It is graded by color and flavor. The difference between grades is a matter of taste preference not a quality distinction. All grades are the same weight.

  • Grade A Light and Medium Amber - A light and medium amber color syrup with a moderate maple flavor. This is the most popular syrup for table use and therefore the most widely used and recommended for gifts.

  • Grade A Dark Amber - A dark amber color with the strongest maple flavor of the table grades. This syrup of robust flavor is showing increased popularity by many for table use as well as cooking. (limited supply)

  • Grade B - A very dark color and strong maple flavor. It is usually considered good for cooking or flavoring and not generally desired for table use. (limited availablity)

Care of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup

After the container is opened the syrup should be kept in the refrigerator or reheated to the boiling point and then sealed in sterilized jars. If sugar crystals form (a sign of good heavy syrup) warm the syrup until they dissolve. If a mold should form on the top of the syrup (this does not mean that the syrup has spoiled) it may be restored to it's normal flavor by reheating to the boiling point and skimming.

Why our Maple Products are special

Our maple sugar orchard, the most essential part of the operation, is located approximately 1000' above sea level surrounded by the majestic White Mountain National Forest, not far from New Hampshire's famed "Old Man In The Mountain". It is situated along the western slope of the beautiful Pemigewasset River Valley in Woodstock, NH.

For five generations members of The Fadden Family have been actively collecting and processing the sap from these maple trees. It has long been our goal to produce top quality, award winning Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup. It is our belief that the pristine environment that the trees exist in combined with our efforts blend to produce the delicate maple taste and light colored syrup we're so proud of.


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